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                                     CROSSROADS CULTURES

Founded in 2009, CROSSROADS cultures was created to design, develop and support international cultural projects.

It seeks to create events and encounters that go beyond the boundaries between disciplines and academic and geographical approaches, to inspire shared visions and innovative opportunities and partnerships that address questions of diversity, coexistence and social inclusion through the services it offers.

CROSSROADS cultures is the successor of the Canadian Music Crossroads Foundation created in 1994 by Claude Infante in Ottawa, Canada, to contribute to promote the place and future of chamber music in the contemporary world and to develop links between Canadian and international music environments, particularly in the field of chamber music.

  - Concerts, festival
        - Debates
: European Parliament , Brussels - Europe's  House of Paris  - Canada  
        - Publications: Editor in Chief of the AAFEE Letter /European Film Festival L'Europe autour de
Jean Monnet Association - Le Journal de l'Europe - Various

       - Various: Missions for the Western Balkans Tour and the Europe's Tour initiated by Confrontations
- Missions for feasibility and advisory studies for Canadian and French Ministries of Culture
         and of Foreign Affairs 


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