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Europe as an
Agora of Interactions
29 November, 2011 - European Parliament, Brussels

Debates organized by CROSSROADS cultures
in collaboration with Bogusław Sonik, Member of the European Parliament

and presented by
Europe of Cultures Forum,
Brussels - Cidob Foundation, Barcelona
CICI (Centre for Intercultural Communication and Interaction - University of Ghent),
Cosmopolis (University of Brussels),
ISES (Kőszeg Institute for Social and European Studies)

in partnership with CROSSROADS Cultures & Evens Foundation

     29th November's Programme
with Introduction by Rik Pinxten, Yolanda Onghena, Eric Corijn, Jody Jensen, Ferenc Mislivetz

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During the trio EU-presidency in 2010-2011 of Spain, Belgium and Hungary, a common project has been initiated to explore, in a multidisciplinary and open reflection, the emergence of Europe in a context of globalization, deterritorialization and complex cultural dynamics. The reflection about contemporary Europe should rise above the level of issues such as identity, ethnic conflicts, the nation state, religious tolerance and essentialist cultural values. The current reality asks for a focus on interactions in multiple contexts and networks – a focus on Europe as an agora of multiple interactions or Europe as a dynamic and complex system.

Three symposiums (Barcelona, June 2010; - Ghent, November 2010; - Kőszeg, May 2011) proposed to reflect about Europe as an interactive system, as an action instrument for living together. Each symposium offered an interdisciplinary vision to establish a common ground for exploring and navigating the emergent dynamics and complexity of Europe's contemporary society. A public event (Brussels November 29th, 2011) discussed the results and proposals for actions with a wider public and proposed an opening for a continuity of the reflection and initiatives.

PREVIOUS ACTIVITIES/Symposiums' Programmes

-The future of the European social model - In the frame of the XVI th International Summer University 2011
Kőszeg, June 25 - July 9, 2011.
- Official EU-iconography vs contemporary realities. Urbanity and diversity as a condition
Ghent, November 18, 2010.

- Multiple times and spaces: Complexity, Mobility, Territory
CIDOB, Barcelona, June 18, 2010.

- From Integration to Interaction: A Cosmopolitan Approach to European Identity / Brussels, Nov. 2011 - Gerard Delanty, University of Sussex, UK
- Reinventing Equality in Twenty First Century Europe / Brussels, Nov. 2011 - Siep Stuurman, Utrecht University
- Diversity and integration discourses and practices: the issue of social solidarity / Brussels, Nov. 2011 - Floya Anthias, Roehampton University

- Rethinking Realities. Europe as an Agora of Interactions
. Ine Pisters (Editor), Universiteit Gent. Brussels, November 29, 2011.

- Transversal Lines /Ghent : The political dimension of the European space as ‘agora of interaction’. Ine Pisters
- Transversal Lines /Barcelona Rethinking realities: transverse lines of debates. Lars Krogh and Martin Savransky.

- Revista CIDOB d'afers internacionals, nº. 95. Sept. 2011: Emerging realities in the European space: Complexity, mobility and intercultural dynamics. Yolanda Onghena (Coord.)
- Documentos CIDOB Dinámicas Interculturales, n.º 16. Mayo 2011: For a European cultural space: Diversity and complexity. Yolanda Onghena.
- EUTrail on line: Who Are We – The Europeans? (On the Barcelona experience). Lars Krogh, Roskilde University, Copenhagen -  Forum of young researchers in intercultural dynamics CIDOB.
- Another way of telling
/Barcelona, June 2011 - Kevin Robins, City University London

- Building (the Capital of) Europe as a heterotopia - Eric Corijn